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Sciatica Solutions At Fairway Chiropractic Center In Kitchener, ON

Have you been experienced mysterious pains and other neurological abnormalities in one or both legs?

If so, you may have fallen prey to a nerve impingement/inflammation syndrome known as sciatica. Sciatica may be associated with a specific injury, or it may occur due to changes in the spine.

If you’re struggling to understand and cope with your condition, then you’ll want to investigate the non-surgical sciatica solutions we offer here at Fairway Chiropractic Center in Kitchener, ON.


Understanding And Recognizing Sciatica

Sciatica typically occurs when the sciatic nerve roots become impinged. These nerve roots extend from between gaps within the spinal column, the L4 and L5 nerve roots jut out from between the lower lumbar vertebrae, while the S1, S2, and S3 nerve roots emerge from the sacral spine.

When these nerve roots come together, they form one massive nerve called the sciatic nerve, which runs all the way down the hip and leg. The many smaller nerves of the leg and foot all branch out from the sciatic nerve. If any of the sciatic nerve roots become pinched, many of these nerves will stop sending and receiving signals properly. The resulting discomfort and dysfunction is called sciatica.

Sciatica Symptoms

Sciatica symptoms can take many forms. Depending on part on which nerve root impinges, you may experience symptoms in your buttock, lower back, leg or foot. Those symptoms can include weakness, pain, tingling, loss of sensation, or all of the above. An acute injury to the lower spine can cause sudden sciatica by pushing spinal components (such as herniated discs) into the sciatic nerve roots.

However, sciatica is also extremely common in middle-aged people as a natural consequence of bone spurs, bulging discs, or compression of the spinal canal due to stenosis. Obesity can make you more prone to sciatica.

Natural Sciatica Treatment From Our Chiropractor

Our chiropractor Dr. Murdoch knows how to relieve many cases of sciatica through natural, non-invasive methods — freeing you from the potential downsides of major surgery or painkilling medications. (The exception is sciatica that causes bladder/bowel incontinence since this is a medical emergency.) X-rays and other spinal evaluation methods can identify the specific point of impingement. Chiropractic treatment can then be administered at that point to shift discs or vertebrae gently away from the nerve roots. We may also recommend back exercises, weight loss, and other supportive remedies to help you stay sciatica-free.

Contact Our Fairway Chiropractic In Kitchener, ON For Sciatica Relief

Non-surgical relief for sciatica is just a phone call away – so don’t suffer needlessly. Contact Fairway Chiropractic in Kitchener, ON at 519-748-5535 to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor!

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