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Core Exercises

If you are recovering from LBP, the below core rehab program is for you.
These are the best simple exercises to building a natural safety belt around your spine to protect your back from recurring episodes of back pain.

They are called The McGill Big 3 Core Exercises

These specific exercises are backed by substantial research to increase muscle strength and endurance of your core while minimising strain on the discs of your lower back.

The 3 Core Exercises are:

1. Bird-Dog
2. Side-Bridge
3. Curl-Up / or Front Plank (one or the other, not both).

Below are videos on how to perform all of the above exercises.

Here’s a description on how many of them to perform:
Use a Descending Pyramid Program to ensure excellent form at all times.
For those of you who are used to seeing how long you can hold a plank – this will be a new way for you to think about strengthening your core.

Descending Pyramid programming:

Each set has a decreasing number of repetitions.
Start with:
6-4-2 repetitions. holding each position for 5 seconds (or less if you find this too difficult to maintain good form). Have 2 breaths between reps, and 2min between sets.
Progress gradually to 6-4-2 holding for 10 seconds each repetition.
Once you can do this with ease,
Progress to 8-6-4 pyramid; and then to 10-8-6 pyramid. with 10 second holds.
The latter is the Goal to aim for.


3-5x per week. (each time on a seperate day of the week)


perform all of the 3 exercises equally.
If you find that you are stronger with one exercise compared to another – do not progress in number of reps in that exercise.  Let your weakest exercise catch up to the rest before progressing in difficulty.  This will ensure that your core remains balanced and protects your back most effectively from future flare ups.

Side Bridge

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Front Plank

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Curl Up

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Bird Dog

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