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How and Why Does a Chiropractor Treat a Baby?

Here’s a conversation I frequently have with people about this:

Mother: “How do you do chiropractic on infants?”

Me: “Completely different to adults. There is no ‘cracking’ of joints. It is very gentle. If we find that there are any joints misaligned, we gently press and hold (pressure of testing the ripeness of a tomato) in a specific direction to improve it.
As gentle as it is, it can still be painful to them. An inflamed joint is tender to even a light touch.”

Mother: “Why would someone bring their baby to a chiropractor?”

Me: “Essentially, the main thing chiropractic does is decrease spinal tension.
So we have parents bring their baby to see a chiropractor because they are concerned that their child is suffering due to the physical stress their infant may have endured during birth, or even from a pregnancy where the baby has been in a position unable to move much (in-utero constraint).

By removing tension off the spine, there is less stress on the nervous system, improving its function – and your nervous system controls your entire body.”

Here are a number of reasons why parents bring their infants to a chiropractor.

It is important to remember that chiropractic care is not a cure for the above-listed conditions. The sole purpose of chiropractic care is to assess for and remove spinal tension. The result of this is a body with less stress on its nervous system. Then the body can function as it was intended to, and some have improvements in conditions listed above as a secondary result.

Read here for the safety of chiropractic for children.

You can be assured that on your first visit, a thorough history and exam will take place to find out if we can help your precious little one.  Everything will be explained prior to doing anything – getting your okay every step of the way.

Why Choose Fairway Chiropractic Centre for Your Pediatric (Baby) Chiropractor Revitalizing Traditional Chiropractic Care

In an era where genuine hands-on chiropractic practices are becoming scarce, we distinguish ourselves by embracing authentic and time-honoured techniques that prioritize your child’s overall well-being.

Swift Relief on Your Initial Visit

Your child’s health is paramount to us, and we believe in taking proactive measures from the outset. In most cases, we administer treatment during your child’s first visit, ensuring that they experience immediate relief and rapid progress.

Convenient Appointments for Urgent Needs

Life’s uncertainties can lead to unexpected health challenges, and we’re here to provide support when you and your family need it most. We maintain open slots to accommodate those requiring urgent care, eliminating unnecessary wait times for those in pain.

Flexibility in Appointment Scheduling

Recognizing the demands of your daily life, we offer flexible appointment times.  We are parents too!  We certainly remember how hard it can be to make it to appointments on time with little ones and the many unpredictable obstacles that occur – so don’t stress if you’re running late, we’ll do our best to accommodate your situation.

Seasoned Expertise

With years of experience, our chiropractor, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every session, ensuring that you are in capable hands throughout your child’s recovery and wellness journey.

While working in Australia for 15 years, Dr. Nik had many referrals from other health care professionals such as midwives, lactation consultants, dentists, orofascial myologists, and pediatricians. He also cared for many children and infants pro bono during his year in Nicaragua.

Since Dr. Nik is new to KWC region, he is in progress of building these relationships.  He has one fantastic pediatrician that he does get referrals from and refers to as well.

Global Commitment to Well-Being

We go beyond our local community to make a positive impact globally. Our dedication to helping others led him to devote a full year of his career to providing pro bono chiropractic care to the people of Nicaragua.

Find a Pediatric Chiropractor in Kitchener at Our Chronic Pain Clinic

Choosing Fairway Chiropractic Centre in Kitchener means choosing a holistic approach to your child’s wellness. With a team of dedicated professionals, dedication to global wellness, innovative chiropractic techniques, and a welcoming atmosphere, our baby chiropractor is your partner in achieving the best possible health for your child. Experience the difference at Fairway Chiropractic Centre, your trusted pediatric chiropractor in Kitchener. Call us at 519-748-5535.