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Dr. Nik Dukovac


Special Clinical Interests:

My Chiropractic Journey:

In a Nutshell:

Hockey Injuries @ 12 years of age lead to my introduction to Chiropractic -> University of Guelph -> Chiropractic College in Toronto -> Married love of my life -> Chiropractor in Australia 15 yrs -> 2 wonderful children born in Australia -> Pro Bono Chiropractic work in Nicaragua 1yr -> Back to Canada 2023!

Journey Expanded:

From a young age growing up in Kapuskasing, Northern Ontario, I was amazed at how chiropractic enhanced my recovery from injuries and optimised my performance in hockey. Chiropractic kept me in top shape all through my competitive years playing for the Jr. B. St Marys Lincolns (not too far from here!). This excitement instigated my trek to becoming a chiropractor.

I then graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Science.

After an additional 4 years of study at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, I graduated in 2007.

My wife and I excitedly moved to Australia straight out of school, and loved every moment! I worked there for 15 years owning two offices near Adelaide, South Australia.

We then moved to Central America, Nicaragua, in 2021 following the seed that God put in my heart several years prior to serve local people of a third world country.

At the end of 2022, I put the local communities of Nicaragua that I served in the good hands of a fellow chiropractor, and we moved back to Canada to be closer to family.

In early 2023, I met Dr. Steve Murdoch, founder of Fairway Chiropractic Centre, and sole chiropractor of this office for 35 years. What a blessing he has been to me; and I know this community also.

I could not have imagined a better person to take over for. We care for patients with the same degree of passion and compassion; the same way we would care for any one of our very own family members. The method and style of chiropractic care we provide is as similar as you could get.

I am honoured that Dr. Steve Murdoch has not only chosen me to care for his patients, but he has also chosen me to be his very own chiropractor for his weekly spinal checkups.

Chiropractic is not just a job for either one of us, it is a calling.

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My Style of Chiropractic

I consider the body as a whole, despite someone’s focal injury.

Health is from above-down, inside-out:
I understand the body to be created by God, controlled by the brain and nervous system. This includes your muscles, your organs, your hormonal system, everything.

I believe that your body has the God-given ability to self-heal, self-regulate, and thrive.
Stressors of life (physical, emotional, and chemical/toxic) cause your body to tense up and joints in your spine compensate accordingly, causing misalignments – what chiropractors call ‘vertebral subluxations’.

The word subluxation in latin means ‘a condition of less than full light’. This is because when a joint of your spine becomes subluxated (which can happen as early as birth) your brain’s ability to communicate to your body is less than full capacity. But your body is remarkable at coping and compensating – many people go on for several decades before their back pain and headaches begin!

Chiropractic does not cure any disease or condition. (I know it sounds strange – why bother going then, right?!) But hear me out…
Chiropractic is all about reducing subluxations (the physical stress from your spine), improving the nervous system’s ability to coordinate your body to recover and thrive; allowing peak performance in sport, at home, and at work, as well as in the developing body’s of our little people.

Once your nervous system is functioning better, we see people recover from all kinds of conditions. But it is their body doing the recovery, not the chiropractor.

My Family

I am the product of 2 loving parents, a French-Canadian mother, and a Canadian born Croatian father. I grew up as the second youngest in a family of 5 kids.

I am a blessed husband, and father of two gorgeous young children – both born in our home in Australia. I love exploring life with them, from play, sports, exercising and crossfit, cooking, camping, and everything outdoors. I am humbled to have the privilege to guide them in the joy of life through Christ.

Our boy, Mack is now 5 years old and excited to take part in Canadian sports. Our girl, Harbour, is 2 years old and her personality makes us laugh every day! They both love to imitate their dad and give their parents their weekly chiropractic adjustments too!

Chiropractic Techniques

Traditional Manual (hands-on) Chiropractic. Also known specifically as Diversified Technique.

Modified to the individual.

From as gentle as required for infants (no cracking – like testing the ripeness of a tomato), to as firm as is required to move a football linemen.

Hands on approach, focus on restoring chiropractic spinal subluxations with manual chiropractic adjustments and muscle release to primary myofascial trigger points.

However multiple other techniques are used. Just call and ask us if you have a particular question.