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Headache & Migraine Relief

Headache & Migraine Treatment At Fairway Chiropractic Centre

Everyone experiences a severe headache at one time or another in their lifetime. Some are more serious than others, however, getting to the root cause of your headache is a priority with our Kitchener chiropractor. During your initial exam and consultation, we take great measures to determine the how’s and the when’s with a comprehensive health history. From that juncture, we’re able to offer headache & migraine treatments to ease your pain and hopefully prevent them from reoccurring.

The extreme pain that surrounds a migraine can last for up to several hours or even days. Our rehabilitative team will step into the frontlines of ensuring you’re able to sense the triggers and identify the factors responsible for your debilitating headaches.


Primary Causes Of Migraines

The actual cause of a migraine isn’t completely known, however, there are numerous triggers that can set off any lasting pain. First off, there’s an abnormality of blood flow in the brain, which is actively affecting the chemical and nerve impulses causing the activity of the brain to set off these triggers. Below are signs of what to look for prior to the onset of a migraine or severe headache:

  • Emotional triggers – If you’re stressed out and unable to cope with a situation, this can set off the abnormal brainwave activity.
  • Hormonal changes – Especially prevalent in women during their menstruation cycles, when the hormones are at their changing peak.
  • Medications – Certain sleeping pills, hormonal medications combined with oral contraceptives have been closely linked to migraines.
  • Dietary – Foods such as chocolate, citrus, and cheese have all perpetuated headache triggers. Also, if your mealtime is not regular and you suffer from dehydration, these can add to the pain as well.
  • Physical activities – Your posture, poor sleeping habits, exercise overexertion, and chronic neck or shoulder tension will contribute to irregular brain activity and cause a migraine.

Treatment At Our Kitchener Clinic

Because headaches have a specific habitual component that needs relief, our chiropractor provides safe and long-term treatments to remedy the pain, including:

  • Spinal adjustments and non-invasive spinal manipulation
  • Preventative dietary tips to help avoid headache & migraine triggers
  • Rehabilitative therapy to restore neck and shoulder mobility
  • Ergonomic education that includes proper postural habits for daily activities

A chronic headache that worsens with coughing, exertion, or sudden extreme movement is the time to make an appointment with our Fairway chiropractor.

Don’t Allow The Pain To Persist!

If you sense a headache is causing interruptions in your daily activities, please give us a call. Fairway Chiropractic Centre serves the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, New Hamberg, Guelph, and surrounding areas. We are here to help, you can call us at 519-748-5535!

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