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Fibromyalgia Treatment From Your Chiropractor In Kitchener, ON, CN

Many patients are relieved to finally get a diagnosis of fibromyalgia yet, discouraged that there is no cure for it. People who visit Fairway Chiropractic Centre in Kitchener can look forward to natural treatment that brings relief and helps them resume their normal routines. Our chiropractor treats fibromyalgia with non-invasive therapies that avoid surgery.


Overview Of Fibromyalgia

Many fibromyalgia patients have difficulty getting an accurate diagnosis because of the variety of symptoms experienced. The most characteristic symptoms are musculoskeletal pain, sleep problems, fatigue, and mood issues. The cause of fibromyalgia is believed to be how the person’s brain processes pain signals.

Symptoms might appear after a certain incident or escalate over a prolonged period. Sometimes a specific event, such as an infection, surgical procedure, or physical trauma, is the culprit. A family history of this condition can also be a factor. The most frequent symptoms our patients report include:

  • Widespread pain
  • Difficulty maintaining focus for mental activities
  • Fatigue that is sometimes caused by discomfort that interrupts sleep

Females face a greater risk of fibromyalgia than males. Other possible symptoms include irritable bowel syndrome, depression, TMJ, anxiety, and tension headaches.

Treatment Options

A fibromyalgia diagnosis requires a thorough physical examination by our chiropractor plus an assessment of the patient’s history and symptoms. The standard for a positive diagnosis includes these criteria:

  • Specific scores on a widespread index of pain and a severity symptom scale determined by a professional healthcare provider
  • Symptoms present at the same level for a minimum of three months
  • Elimination of the possibility of a different health issue as the cause of symptoms

Each diagnosed patient receives a customized treatment plan from our chiropractor. The most common therapy to treat this condition is the use of chiropractic adjustments to improve how the body functions mechanically and to facilitate the travel of nerve signals. This type of treatment helps preserve the movement capability of muscles and parts of the spine.

Our doctor applies quick but gentle manual pressure to correct any vertebral misalignment. Sometimes massage therapy and physical exercises are beneficial. Patients can also take these self-care steps:

  • Eating well
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Making occupational adjustments
  • Maintaining sufficient physical activity
  • Taking any recommended supplements

Schedule A Consultation With Our Chiropractor In Kitchener

Do you have symptoms that suggest fibromyalgia? Don’t hesitate to seek relief. Our Kitchener chiropractor, Dr. Steven Murdoch, can help you discover health and wellness using highly-effective techniques and services. Be sure to call Fairway Chiropractic Centre at 519-748-5916 to schedule a consultation and learn how chiropractic care can change your life.

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